The Calgary Aquabelles

Synchronized Swimming, Sport Partner

3433 Camp Coaching Team: Les Gramantik, Ash Allen, Kat Fraser

3433 Sport Performance Centre Trainers have been working to develop the Aquabelles’ strength and conditioning since the fall of 2014. 3433 Trainers work with both the 13-15 and 15-18 year old groups. After building our understanding of the Aquabelles’ needs through careful observation and conversations with the coaches we designed a program tailored to their ultimate aims. 3433’s own Sport Performance Technical Specialist, Les Gramantik, has spearheaded an approach to developing the Aquabelles’ athletes holistically. This program builds a balanced athlete specifically working on a foundation of coordination and body awareness that minimizes injury and allows for sustained technical performance over the course of their competitive performances.

This type of programming incredibly contributed to their national championship titles at the recent Canadian Open held at Talisman Centre in April, 2016. In addition, Junior World Championship Team athletes representing Canada in Kazan, Russia July 9-13, 2016 were part of the 3433 Sport Performance Training described below.

Jenn Tregale, Head Coach and Canadian National Team Coach shared:

“For the past two seasons, the Calgary Aquabelles have been working with the 3433 Strength Training Team. This has turned into a great relationship. Working closely with great coaches including Les Gramantik, has been fantastic for our girls. Les has been able to put together a program that is specific to our sport and the needs of our swimmers. We have put a major focus on core strength, postural stability and shoulder strength. We have seen great improvements in these areas in our swimmers and are looking forward to what future seasons will bring to our athletes. At the Canadian Open at the end of April, the Aquabelles dominated many events, winning gold medals in Junior Figures, Solo and Team, as well as Senior Team and Free Combination Team. Our girls are known across the country for their power, explosiveness, ability to move quickly and overall strength.”

Kathleen Gallagher

Mallorca 2016 Triathlon Camp Athlete

3433 Camp Coaching Team: Jon Bird, Jack vanDyk

The 2016 Mallorca camp was Kathleen’s first experience with the 3433 coaching team. She has trained off and on for triathlon and was looking to experience this training camp and checkout a new training group and training grounds. It was evident at the start that Kathleen lacked confidence riding in a pack, she had a great deal of physical and mental stamina but needed to find a relaxed position on the bike and in a peloton. Day one of the two week camp Kathleen had a couple of major breakthroughs in both comfort on the bike and in a pack. She was open to coaching feedback and had the awareness to make the changes quickly. By the end of the two week camp Kathleen was able to utilize a pack at a high level and her descending skills on some of the toughest descents in the world put her on pair with many more experienced riders.

Kathleen comments, “Just want to send a quick note from the airport to tell you how much I benefitted from the Mallorca camp over the past two weeks. I had a great time and learned a lot from the dedicated coaches and the other athletes! Thanks for your hard work putting it together and showing us around the island. On another note, after enjoying and benefitting so much from the camp, I'm wondering about joining the Tri club.”

We are happy to welcome Kathleen as one of our newest members to our Tri Club!

Olivia Jamieson

3433 Youth Triathlon Club Member

Year 1

My first experience with triathlon was at age 14. I had been a high level soccer player for almost all of my life, but after some soul searching I learned that soccer was not the sport for me, and aspired to become a triathlete. I joined Kronos Triathlon Club, thanks to my highly involved family network within the sport that encouraged and motivated me to become a part of the sport. I can clearly remember my first practice; I could barely swim a length of the pool and as for bike shorts, I had no idea those existed. Looking back on my life as a triathlete, I have a great deal of respect and consideration for the coaches and athletes I worked with, as they are the reason why I am the athlete I am today. They encouraged me to become a better athlete and helped me develop a great love for the sport.

After one exciting year of training and racing I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Alberta Provincial Development team, which drove me further to train and succeed. Entering as a first year junior I knew that I had many challenges ahead of me, but I was surrounded by many positive, optimistic people who shared the same love for the sport and motivated me to pursue my career as a triathlete. After completing my first year I switched over to the 3433 Youth Triathlon Club, where I made some of my closest friends and developed many important relationships with the coaches that surrounded me.

Year 2

Some of the greatest challenges I faced were as a second year junior; crashing my bike at Western Canada Summer Games, and at my first ITU race in Edmonton. These accidents only made me become a stronger athlete because I learned that as an athlete you can’t let obstacles like this hold you back. It is important to get back up on your bike and finish the race, and now I am able to apply this mentality to my everyday training. Although I faced many challenges, it was easily one of my best experiences as an athlete. I was selected for the Alberta Provincial Team a second time, I made several improvements, and I was able to finish 15th overall in Canada for the junior women category.

Year 3

This year has had its ups and its downs, beginning with a stress fracture in October, but I am surrounded by the best athletes and coaches who have only helped me overcome this obstacle. I know that this upcoming race season will have its challenges but I am hopeful for an exciting and rewarding season, as I have worked very hard and have had an extreme amount of support throughout this training year. I aspire to be selected for the 2017 Canada Summer Games, and hope to finish the season ranked in the top ten for junior women.

I have met several athletes within the sport and they have only pushed me and motivated me to become better. In times when I am struggling they help me through, and only make me a better athlete. If it were not for the athletes that I have trained and competed with, I would not be the athlete I am today. I consider them to be like family.

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