3433 Indoor cycling programs

All 3433 cycling programs, including the Triathlon Brick program, are conducted in the 3433 Sport Performance Centre.  Participants are required to bring along their bicycle to be set up on our Wahoo Snap smart trainers.  All sessions utilize a power- or watts-based training approach determined from a series of performance assessments conducted throughout the training blocks.  Our coaching team designs and facilitates dynamic and challenging training sessions based on tried and true training methods along with implementing new ideas and methodologies.  Each program is developed in a manner to help make cyclists faster and more confident in their ability to ride outdoors whether it be for a race, Gran Fondo, cycling tour or the local group ride.  The 3433 cycling programs began in 2003 and we are proud to continue our storied tradition of providing some of the most challenging, results driven, high-energy training sessions in Calgary.

FIT & FAST  // Age: 17+

These daytime sessions provide flexibility for those who prefer to train during the day. The program is designed in a progressive manner to build cycling fitness for a variety of disciplines such as triathlon, road cycling and mountain biking in a highly social and supportive environment. Participants will be trained using a variety of current “best practices” methods to develop a well-rounded fitness base starting in the fall, winter and into the spring outdoor riding season. This program includes two home-based training sessions via TrainingPeaks™ to complement the indoor session (available upon request). Sessions are 2.0 hours in length.

HIIT SESSION  // Age: 17Y+

Short on time and looking for an effective indoor cycling program to get done right after work? This program is ideal for those newer to indoor cycling and looking to experience and/or build towards doing one of our longer indoor cycling programs. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular method of training as it packs a lot of punch in a time efficient manner. These 60min sessions will take participants through a warm-up, a cycling-specific HIIT workout and warm-down period. A bicycle is required for this program.


Ideal for the performance or competitive minded cyclist, this indoor group cycling program is designed to develop the full fitness spectrum required for aspiring competitive cyclists. In the fall we start with an endurance and skill-based focus, transition into the winter months with a cycling-specific fitness focus, into the dreaded “Hell Period” culminating with (weather permitting) a short outdoor riding period before the cycling season truly starts.  A truly challenging, yet incredibly rewarding program that prepares cyclists for the outdoor season. This program includes two home-based training sessions via TrainingPeaks™ to complement the indoor session (available upon request). Sessions are 2.0hours in length.


A Rouleur is considered a good all-rounder cyclist capable of sustained power production.  This indoor group cycling program is focused on developing a solid aerobic foundation essential for cyclists of all ability levels and disciplines.  We will focus more on the development of the aerobic system (this does not mean “easy”) via Sweet Spot, Muscular-Endurance, Threshold and VO2max training in a progressive manner.  While not as challenging as “The Tuesday World Champion”, this program will ensure the development of a very strong base of aerobic fitness like that of a Rouleur cyclist capable of riding strong all day. This program includes two home-based training sessions via TrainingPeaks™ to complement the indoor session (available upon request). Sessions are 2.0 hours in length.

THE LONG RIDE  // Age: 17+

 Saturday is synonymous with the long social ride and this 3.0hours indoor cycling program is a great social training session to start the weekend off right.  Following a progressive build up throughout the fall, winter and spring, athletes develop a strong aerobic foundation for Gran Fondos and Triathlons.  This indoor cycling program is similar to the focus of the Thursday Rouleurs except it is an hour longer in duration for a deeper aerobic training effect.  This program includes two home-based training sessions via TrainingPeaks™ to complement the indoor session (available upon request). Sessions are 3.0 hours in length.

3433 INTERVAL RUN  // Age: 17+

 Striving to improve your run distance? Looking to build volume or speed into your training to advance without potential injury? Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned racer, our performance based running program is designed to help runners get faster. Led by 3433 Endurance Coaches, athletes will learn techniques, drills and tips in weekly interval sessions. 

3433 LEARN2TRI  // Age: 17+

 Discover the sport of triathlon and compete in a short race. Coached by our 3433 Endurance Coached and designed to introduce adults to triathlon. You can register for a swim and bike class, a bike and run class, or both. Our coaches will introduce to you this growing endurance sport while developing your technique, tactics and approach to racing.


This program is ideal for cyclists, triathletes and runners looking to improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Through evidence-based strength training methods athletes, will receive coaching on basic strength movements such as Barbell Squats, Deadlifts & Power Cleans. Sessions will be individualized and periodized for each athlete to maximize their returns in the weight room. To ensure each participant gets enough individual attention and coaching, we will be limiting the initial program to only 12 athletes.


The swimming and running portions of a triathlon can be the most challenging, intimidating and critical components of racing success. Athletes will get the opportunity to improve their efficiency by perfecting their technique in both disciplines. Coaches will provide athletes with a foundation for their training through a variety of athletic drills and assessments in the pool and on the track.


The term “brick” refers to the strange sensation in the legs after riding hard on the bicycle. The ability to run after the cycling portion of a triathlon is a key element to having a successful race. This high-energy group training session is designed to build aerobic endurance and increase your ability to run quickly and comfortably off the bike. Our coaches have built a progressive training program that will challenge the athletes physically and mentally in preparation for race season. The coaches also educate the athletes on pacing strategies and provide them opportunities to practice the skills required for quick transitions.

3433 TRIATHLON SWIM  // Age: 17Y+

These swim workouts are led by our experienced coaches who utilize the most current teaching and training techniques specific to triathlon swimming. Workouts typically range from 2,000-3,400 metres depending on the speed of the swimmer and the focus of the workout - i.e. technical drills, sprints, pace work/endurance etc. Our coaches provide a program that builds from a more technical focus in the fall, to a more swim-fitness period in the winter and spring and then open-water specific sessions as we approach the race season. The coaches also perform ongoing swim assessments to help monitor the progression and development of each athlete and use the results to determine training paces for the workouts.
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