Our ambassadors have a desire to lead an active lifestyle, a passion for social media, and a love of Repsol Sport Centre. They are an energetic and enthusiastic group, all at different levels of fitness.

We are inspired by their dedication to fitness and our facility. Our ambassadors openly share their stories and what they like to do under the tent. We invite you to follow along for inspiration and entertainment.

Graham Mosimann

Radio Announcer, Mental Health Advocate

"Physical progress, not physical perfection"

Hey friendo! I'm Graham Mosimann and in all honesty it's been a rough go lately. After dropping 70lbs already at RSC, I let my physical and mental health get away from me this year... it's hard, but that's okay! It's a new challenge, a new PB and a new level to get with my physical and mental health.

You can find me around working, laughing and Training with Kat, Muay Thai Kickboxing with Phillip on Thursdays, and working my way in and out of all the classes here under the tent! I'm here to #FindMyFit not just physically, but mentally too.

Keep at it amigo, we're all here in this together.



Marc Michaels

X92.9 Radio Host

It looks like my goals have taken a huge shift this time around.  I never thought I'd be typing "gaining weight" into my workout goals but here we are.  Last time around my goal was losing 10 pounds, and I really went for it losing 38.  This time I'm hoping to put a few back on but in muscle.  I've dropped 2 sizes in pants, and went from an XL to a L in shirts.  This fall I'm hoping to fill out the sleeves a little bit.  I know Roman is the man for this job!


Taylor Daniels

101.5 Today Radio Host 

Taylor Daniels here! I know I'm not the only one who is happy that summer is done, and the weather is turning - because that means I get to really focus on new goals for the rest of this year, and all of next. Can't wait to launch in to the fall programs with Repsol Sport Centre. When I first started working out, it was definitely a "go to the gym" mentality. It was all about sticking to a boring program with no variety, and just focusing on "What I knew." fast forward 4 years and now I'm working with trainers, building customized routines, and most importantly, finding my fit in so many ways I never knew possible. I love how much variety lives under the tent with Repsol Sport Centre. This fall, I'm heading back for round 2 with the Muay Thai Kickboxing class! It's a dynamic way to stay active, keeps you on your toes (literally) and challenges you mentally and physically. Plus it's a FANTASTIC way to destress! Later in the fall I'm joining the 3433 Interval Run program for a second year. I'll admit, running is NOT my strength, but sometimes its great to challenge yourself with the things you DEFINITELY need to work on. Whether I see you on the mat, on the track or somewhere else under the tent, I look forward to hearing your story on how you found your fit!


Katie Summers

AMP 90.3 Radio Host 

I’m the ‘Katie’ part of Katie & Ed on 90.3 AMP Radio. 2019 turned out to be a huge year for me both in life AND in my fitness journey. I spent the better part of the year working with Roman at Repsol Sport Centre to get in shape for my secret surprise wedding!! Now that the honeymoon is over though... I’m focusing on both my physical AND mental health heading into Fall. I’m really looking forward to trying some new classes too! So catch me at Yoga Blend on Fridays or Group Power on Tuesdays... mostly though I’ll just be all over the place working hard to stay healthy (body & mind) so if you see me... say hi!


Seanna Jefferson

X92.9 Radio Host

Ash was incredible! I had a heli-skiing trip fast approaching and unfortunately had injured my knee 6 weeks before the trip. Concerned that I wouldn’t be able to go on the trip, I came to 3433SPC. Ash tailored a workout specifically to my needs. He gave me exercises to do that would strengthen my knee as fast as possible while making sure not to aggravate my injury in the process. Rather than 1 x 1 hour sessions, Ash suggested dividing the training in to two shorter sessions 2 x 30min to ensure we didn’t go too far and cause a flare up. This meant more time commitment from Ash yet he didn’t mind as he wanted to be sure my knee recovered. We had a six week window to work with as the heli-skiing date was fast approaching, yet by the time my heli-skiing trip arrived my knee felt like a million bucks. Thanks Ash!


Jason Pohl


My name is Jason Pohl and I am a 28-year old Professional Ironman Triathlete. Born and raised in Red Deer, AB, I am now based in
Calgary, AB.

I come from a 16 year elite hockey background being a goaltender. My elite hockey came to an end when I have to get major lung surgery and battle lung issues for 2 years thereafter. In 2013 at the age of 22 I tried my first triathlon for the challenge and to show that I can battle back from lung surgery. I fell in love with the sport & process. With lots of focus and hard work, I turned professional in 2017.

In the fall of 2018, I left my wealth management career and sold off everything to pursue my dreams. I am now in my 3rd season as a professional Triathlete and representing Calgary, my supporters, and Canada. It has been one incredible journey against all odds. I now get to race on the world stage in France this September!


Thomas Smans


My name is Thomas Smans, I'm 17 and I am a junior triathlete training at Repsol Sport Centre.

I completed my first triathlon on my 14th birthday and I have been hooked ever since. I love training hard every day and I always want to go to bed better than I woke up. My goal is to compete at the highest level of the sport, racing against athletes that are now my idols. 

The past year that I have trained with the great 3433 coaches at Repsol Sport Centre I have seen some big improvements and I'm looking forward to continue working with them towards my goal.


Hafiz Mitha

CEO of PlayCity

Hafiz is a social entrepreneur dedicated to bringing people together, using play as a medium. After co-founding Katipult, a now-public company, he knew that he was not passionate about the field of finance and decided to sell his shares to start PlayCity - a company on a mission to make the world a better place, using technology to bring people together - offline. What started as an idea to find tennis partners in the same skill level has blossomed into a national company that is supported through partnerships with organizations like Repsol Sport Centre, Genesis Centre, The City of Calgary and most recently MEC. His mandates is to promote physical activity, diverse relationships and increasing wellbeing in a society that spends too much time isolated and on their phones.

Heather Prosak

XL 103.1

Hi, I’m Heather of Heather and Buzz on XL103.  Getting to workout with Priti has been amazing so far!  I’ve learned about technique and to never ask what rep I’m on or she may add a few more?  (wink wink)  All kidding aside, joining Repsol was something I wanted to do for awhile, after getting back into a healthier routine.  I’m focusing on getting stronger,  while carrying on a normal life without ever using the words, “I’m on a diet” again.  I let myself get into a routine where eating happened whenever I could fit it in and because of that, I wasn’t making the best choices.  Chocolate bar for breakfast anyone?  Not kidding.   Now that I’m looking at the gym as a lifestyle choice not a chore, everything is aligning, including those sugar cravings.



Sasha Spencer

Hey! I'm Sasha and I am so excited to get started with Repsol Sport Centre! I already play soccer, do a little running and I go to yoga, but there's SO much more to try here -and I wanna do everything! One of my biggest focuses with my fitness journey is to balance out my strength. Due to past activities and injuries, I'm not as strong in certain areas as I'd like to be. Consistency is something that I really want to work on, too. I love being active, but because of some challenges with my health, I sometimes have to take breaks -which is 100% fine! But then I have trouble getting 'back on the horse.' Oh, and I definitely bought WAY too many gym clothes because of Covid boredom, so... I should probably cut the tags off of some of these leggings and get my butt to the gym! See you around!


Pat Steinberg

Sportsnet 960

Pat has been a mainstay on your drive home for the last decade. Born and raised in Calgary, Pat is currently the host of Calgary Flames Hockey and The Big Show on Sportsnet 960 The FAN radio. You can hear him from 2-6 pm weekdays and on pregame and postgame coverage of every Flames game.

Pat has been a regular at Repsol Sport Centre for more than two decades, starting with Lindsay Park Sports Camps every summer during grade school. Pat learned how to swim at RSC and still gets a wave of nostalgia every time he gets hit with the smell of chlorine at the front doors.


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