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Repsol Sport Centre’s 2021/2022 event season application period has closed. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept late applications for the 2021/2022 season as we are at event capacity. Thank you for considering us as your event venue, and we hope to have the opportunity to host your event in future years.

If you would like to submit an event application for the September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023 event season, please check back in April to fill out an event application.

All event requests are to be submitted via an online application form between April 1st – 30th annually. The application review period will occur during the month of May and approval of events will be communicated to the applicants by June 1st.

As Repsol Sport Centre receives more than 100 event requests annually, we are unable to guarantee approval of event applications or confirm any events prior to June 1st. We recommend only beginning event preparations once you have received official confirmation of your event with us.

We ask that all event applications are submitted during the April application timeframe, as we will not be accepting late event requests once the application period closes. This includes but is not limited to: competitions, invitational events, workshops, clinics and developmental events, individual water polo games, tournaments, parent showcases, and more.

Events are considered anything beyond a typical training booking where set-up, spectators, participant numbers, equipment needs, etc., are impacted. Should there be an unforeseen emergency where a late notice event venue is required, please contact the Competition and Event Coordinator to discuss the circumstances of your request and needs.

We look forward to the opportunity to host your event!

For more information, please contact:


Event Pricing

Facility Rentals Hourly Rate

25m Pool
1 Lane 25m Pool
50m Pool
1 Lane 50m Pool
Dive Tank
1/2 Dive Tank
Teach Pool
1/2 Teach Pool
1/2 Gymnasium
Track (4 lanes)
1/2 Track (2 lanes)



Meeting Room Rentals Hourly Rate Daily Rate Max Capacity

Learning Room
Athletes Lounge
Riverview Room
Parkview Room
Foundation Lounge



100 (theatre style)

NOTE: Capacity is contingent on room set up.

If your event is nationally or internationally sanctioned, you may be eligible to receive a 25% discount off your booking contract (excluding third party billing). This discount will not be added automatically. If you feel you are eligible for the discount, please contact the Competition & Event Coordinator.

Event Packages

All events fall within one of our pricing packages, based on the level of competition, set up and equipment needs as well as staffing requirements. Details from the event application are gathered to determine each event’s package. The package will be included in the event booking contract. When reviewing the event agreement the event host will have the opportunity to select a different package (based on the event needs), or select items from the A La Carte options. All events will be charged their event package rate daily.

Any items requested for the event, which are not listed in the event packages below, will be charged A La Carte. Please note that A la Carte fees may not be included in the estimated event quote and will be charged on the event host’s final invoice.

The pricing of the packages outlined below were determined based on an average that was charged in previous years.

Dryland, Aquatic & Combination Events

A La Carte Events

Water Polo Events


Event Vendors

We are pleased to welcome your event vendors to the Repsol Sport Centre. Please note that Repsol Sport Centre requires the contact name, phone number and email address of your vendor(s) no less than 14 days prior to your event start date. Vendors will be contacted by the Competition and Event Coordinator, to ensure they complete a Vendor Agreement Form, understand and accept the vendor fee, and to make set up and storage arrangements.

Host clubs/organizations who wish to sell their own club items during their event, are not subject to a vendor fee. External vendors are subject to a vendor fee, which is detailed in the Vendor Agreement.

Vendors may not sell products which are deemed to be in competition with Repsol Sport Centre exclusive providers (E.g. Pepsi Co., etc.). If you have any questions about your vendor/products, please contact the Competition and Event Coordinator to confirm.

Vendor Agreement

Digital Display, Scoreboard Board & Website

Repsol Sport Centre is pleased to feature your upcoming special event on our Macleod Trail Digital Display Board. Please ensure you provide the correct event name to the Competition and Event Coordinator no less than 14 days prior to your event start date.

Repsol Sport Centre promotes all upcoming events on our website ( The event description provided is what will be posted online, therefore we strongly encourage event hosts to provide a detailed event description when requested.

Event hosts receive complimentary use of the Competition Pool digital display scoreboard during their bookings for promotional purposes. They may post a maximum of 5 slides and content may include information about the event for opening and closing activities, team and/or athlete photos and statistics, and Sport Partner, sponsor logos. Please submit content at minimum 21 days in advance of the event or competition start date.

Terms of Use:

  • All material submissions must follow the terms of use and emailed at least 5 business days in advance of the event, competition, or promotional start date. 
  • Repsol Sport Centre is guaranteed up to 8 slides for its communication strategies at all times.
  • Content submitted is programmed to scroll slides for 5 seconds each and proceed in a continuous loop.
  • Promotional artwork must be supplied in a camera-ready format: 2000px wide x 1125px high. A word document is not camera ready. If the artwork supplied is not in the correct format as described above, at your request, marketing can re-work and provide production support and design elements.  A standard administrative fee of $15/hr. will be charged for additional design work requested, and may be more depending on the request. 
  • Audio is not currently available.
  • Repsol Sport Centre is not liable for event Hosts use of images, content rights or releases.
  • Event sponsors in conflict or competition with Repsol Sport Centre’s current services, partnerships and sponsorships are not permitted to be promoted within our building.  This includes commercial advertisements, logos, images, hyperlinks or endorsements in the form of marketing materials, handouts, banners, websites, social media and digital signage. Key exclusivity agreements include:  Good Earth – coffee, Jugo Juice – juice smoothies and Pepsi products.        

Event Photographers

We are pleased to welcome your event photographers to the Repsol Sport Centre. Please note that all photographers are required to complete and submit a Media Release Form prior to the event.

Repsol Sport Centre is proud to be your event venue and may look to feature details of your event in our Annual Report. We would be pleased if you wish to share any photographs of your event with us, for this purpose.

Please note that drones are not permitted to be used anywhere within Repsol Sport Centre.

Media Waiver



Located within the Repsol Sport Centre, you will find:

Good Earth at: 403-262-5241
Jugo Juice at: 403-206-1559

Repsol Sport Centre is pleased to exclusively partner with Pepsi Co.

You are welcome to choose an external caterer of your choice. If you would like additional suggestions of frequently used caterers, please contact the Competition and Event Coordinator.

Repsol Sport Centre must approve any requests to serve alcohol at an event. If your request is approved and you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you will require a Liquor License, in your own name, which must be posted, with receipts, in your event area as well as providing a copy to the Competition and Event Coordinator.

Repsol Sport Centre reserves the right to update catering/hospitality policies, requirements, etc. at any time.


Parking is limited at the facility. We ask guests to give themselves plenty of time to arrive at the facility and to use caution and safe driving practices at all times. We encourage carpooling and public transit as much as possible.

Events that are typically hosted between September-June with an anticipated number of 300+ attendees will be required to utilize Repsol Sport Centre’s overflow event parking located at the Indigo lot. The fee for this is $5 per car/day. This will be added to the event invoice.

When our Event Overflow Parking is in effect, a parking pass for the Indigo lot is required and will be distributed by one of the parking attendants upon entry to the parking lot as well as available at the Customer Service Desk.

Buses are permitted to drop off and pick up only. There is no Bus/RV Parking permitted in our facility parking lot. Repsol Sport Centre is not responsible for costs/payment of bus/RV parking.

Cars parked inappropriately (taking up multiple spaces, blocking other vehicles etc.) or illegally (in fire lanes, handicapped stalls without permit, not parked in designated stalls or parked in no parking areas, etc.), will be subject to ticket/tow. The car owner will be solely responsible for the recovery of their vehicle.

Public Transportation: Repsol Sport Centre is located just outside of the Downtown Core between 2 LRT stops, Erlton/Stampede and Victoria Park/Stampede. From these 2 train stations, we are located across Macleod Trail, approximately a 10 minute walk. Repsol Sport Centre also has a bus stop outside of our door, the #10. This bus transports riders between Market Mall and South Centre Mall acting as a major bus route for those travelling North to South.

Please refer to the map in the side bar to the right where Event parking is located.

Emergency Procedures

Creating a safe environment is Repsol Sport Centre’s number one value.  It is beyond compromise and we are responsible to ensure everyone is protected.  In order for Repsol Sport Centre to uphold this value we must rely on the support of our Sport Partners and event organizers.  We ask that during any and all Emergencies you cooperate fully with our staff and comply with Repsol Sport Centre Policies and Procedures.

Repsol Sport Centre hosts an emergency procedures meeting for sport partners annually in the fall. As an event organizer, you are invited to join this meeting to familiarize yourself with our emergency policies and procedures. This is not mandatory, however it is strongly recommended for groups hosting several events with Repsol Sport Centre annually. Please contact the Competition and Event Coordinator for details.


Facility Access

Event Vaccination Verification

Proof of Vaccination Samples


Event Reminders


Repsol Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, Alberta
   T2G 5B6

Hours of Operation
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Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: 7am-10pm
Stat. Holidays: 7am-6pm


There are no Group Fitness or Registered Classes
on statutory holidays.

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