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Tuesday June 2

Group Power® - 60 min@ 12:15 PM Instructor: Heather Ferns

Group Power® is your hour of power! This barbell program strengthens all your major muscle groups in an inspiring and motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. This class uses simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls. Discover results, discover Group Power®! Level: Group Power is for all fitness levels Location: Gym 1 or Gym 5

I instruct Bootcamp and MOSSA Group Power currently at the facility.   I currently hold certifications with CanFit Pro and AFLCA.   I am certified to instruct MOSSA Group Power, MOSSA Group Core and MOSSA Group Groove, Insanity,  Level 1 Fitness Kickboxing and working with a mentor to achieve awesomeness in cycle.


I have been with the Talisman Centre for 9 years full time and instructing Group Fitness classes for 7 of them.  When I’m not encouraging our members to “get comfortable with uncomfortable”  I fill in the rest of my time as the Health and Safety Officer for Talisman Centre.  Prior to Talisman Centre I worked in a high stress, high risk and crazy exciting dynamic environment that revolved around manmade and natural disasters.   I came to that dreaded crossroads in my life where I had to really look myself in the mirror and ask myself if I liked who I saw.  I was overweight, stressed out,  unhappy emotionally but considered very successful in my line of work.  I quit my job, moved in with my parents (humbling at 29) and completely broke down mentally, physically and spiritually.   Through my breakdowns I found fitness, and that is when my transformation began.


Now when I’m searching for my new goal, race or competition my #1 priority is: does it scare me?   The physical aspect is a terrific payoff in training but the mental and spiritual  journey is so much more.  When I feel I don’t have 1 more rep in me and my mind is screaming for me to stop and I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin THAT is when I feel my best self.   I want to be strong not skinny, I want to inspire people by action not phony words that fall short, I want people to walk away from one of my classes feeling body exhausted but mentally and spiritually invigorated. 

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