50% off drop-in every Friday in September with the PlayCity App!

Find a match on the PlayCity App and drop-in at 50% off the regular Single Admission rate. There are plenty of activities under the tent including basketball, swimming, running on the track, lifting weights or participating in a Group Fitness class.

Simply stop by the Customer Service Desk and show the PlayCity App on your phone to drop-in at 50% off Single Admission.  

PlayCity is a free app that connects you with others who are interested in the same activities and sports, who are at the same skill level, and want to play when you can.
Meet new people, stay active! Have more fun, feel better!

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Repsol Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, Alberta
   T2G 5B6

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 5am-11pm
Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: 7am-10pm
Stat. Holidays: 7am-6pm

There are no Group Fitness or Registered Classes
on statutory holidays.

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