Training and Racing Education Series

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What is it? Our overall approach is to provide all of the support tools to enhance an athlete’s performance. We know there is a lot to learn when it comes to endurance sport as we are athletes as well as coaches. The goal with these seminars is to bring in experts, and discuss a range of topics, from injury prevention to how to train and race with power. Each seminar will include our very own 3433 Sport Performance Centre Coaches and/or an industry expert as a Guest Speaker.

Who is it for? Topics are applicable to athletes already involved and participating in endurance sports. Space is limited to 30 athletes for each Seminar. Registration will open for each seminar as each one is announced.

When: See dates, times and descriptions of each seminar in the series below. 

Cost: FREE. Must RSVP.

Seminar 2: 
Practicing Mindfulness in your Performance

November 25th: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Presented by Ari Sarantis
Located in the Riverview Room

Who should attend?  Athletes already involved and participating in endurance sports

In recent years, the term  “mindfulness” has worked its way into mainstream consciousness. There are dozens of mindfulness apps for your smartphone. There are courses on mindful eating; there’s even a “Chief Mindfulness Office at a major global law firm. But what is mindfulness? And how does it relate to performance?

In this talk Ari will introduce some of the core elements of mindful performance. He will explain what mindfulness is and what it isn’t. He will cover the foundational attitudes of the mindful performer and explain the four stages of mindful performance. As well Ari will discuss performance stories, the enigmatic and elusive “flow” state, working with pain and difficulty, and practicing self-compassion.

During the session, guests will have the opportunity to participate in some experimental exercises, as well as a short introduction to the practice of meditation. The goal of this seminar is to give participants a high level view of how mindfulness can enrich their performance, in training, in racing and in life.

Next in the Series:

Seminar 3: January 27th
Seminar 4: March 2nd
Seminar 5: April 13th
Seminar 6: May 25th

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