Personal Training  

Personal Training at Repsol Sport Centre is about understanding your needs to develop the right program for you to achieve your goals. Our team of qualified Trainers will develop a customized strength and conditioning program to get the results you are looking for. Your Trainer will guide you through a program that focuses on proper exercise technique to give you the knowledge to help reduce injury and to develop the confidence to improve your fitness. Our Trainers take pride in your performance and successes.

Training specialties include pre and post-rehabilitation and athletic and sport-specific training.

Pricing information is listed openly and we are happy to discuss which package would be best you.

Group Training Available  

While you can always train one-on-one with a Trainer, you can also grab a group of friends, co-workers, teammates, or relatives that are interested in achieving a fitness goal and let us help you get started. Don’t have a group? We can place you with a group of individuals with similar fitness goals.

Participating in small group training sessions will enhance your own motivations towards achieving personal health and fitness goals, increase the enjoyment you get from exercise and encourage you to simply ‘give your best’ within a truly supportive environment and it is cost effective.

It allows clients to participate in a fun, motivating and dynamic fitness environment with all the same focus on safety, technique and achievement that you would receive in a one-on-one personal training session. In a session, the Trainer will select exercises that will challenge and engage the group but will often have clients working on individualized exercises that cater to their level of fitness/abilities and imbalances.

Personal Training Packages

Custom Package

You choose the frequency and duration of your Personal Strength and Conditioning Program. Per session prices vary depending on amount of sessions and number of people in your group.

 Number of Sessions*  

 Annual Member Price**

 Non-Annual Member Price


 4-7 sessions



 8+ sessions



 GROUP of 2 or 3 people

 4-7 sessions



 8+ sessions



 GROUP of 4 people

 4-7 sessions



 8+ sessions



*Minimum of four sessions is required. All prices are based on a one hour session and purchased to suit your schedule. Group Training prices are based on a one hour session per person. Prices subject to change.

**Annual Member is considered to be an individual who has a current Annual Full Pay or Annual Monthly Membership.



  • Payment - All sessions must be paid in full before beginning with the Trainer.
  • Attire - Closed toe, indoor athletic footwear.
  • Refunds - We provide refunds for medical reasons (all amounts are prorated for the remaining sessions in your package).
  • Cancellation - Any sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice or not attending a session booked with a Trainer will result in that session being charged at full price.
  • Medical Screening - All Personal Training clients must complete a medical screening questionnaire (PAR-Q) before working with a Trainer. On occasion a client may need to visit their physician or physiotherapist to complete additional screening forms. Any expenses incurred during this process are the responsibility of the client.
  • Statutory Holidays - Trainers are not available on statutory holidays.
  • Package Types - In the event a training situation changes, clients may be required to change the training package they have purchased. For example, if training as a group of 3 and a group member drops out, the 2 remaining clients would need to be re-registered at the group of 2 package rate.
  • Package Expiry - All packages have a 12-month expiry date from the date of registration.
  • Terms - Repsol Sport Centre does not permit outside personal trainers to have access to the facility with their clients for liability and legal purposes. If you wish to facilitate the service of using a personal trainer within the confines of the building, it must be with one of our highly qualified and certified trainers, pertaining to our own industry standards.
Repsol Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, Alberta
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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 5am-11pm
Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: 7am-10pm
Stat. Holidays: 7am-6pm

There are no Group Fitness or Registered Classes
on statutory holidays.

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