PD Sport Camps

AGES 6 – 12 

Join us for Repsol Recess! Repsol Sport Centre is excited to introduce PD Day Camps for children, ages 6 to 12! 


AGE: 6Y-12Y // Join us for Repsol Recess! Repsol Sport Centre is excited to offer PD Day Camps for children, ages 6 to 12! CoreSPORT & SPORTainment is our exclusive two pronged approach to delivering some of the coolest, most innovative and exhilarating camp programming out there. Take a look and see all the ways your kids can get active and catch the love of sport! *Your child must be of age for the program by December 31st 2018 Signature Offerings: - FREE pre-care (7:30am- 8:30am) & post-care (4:30pm-5:30pm). No additional registration required for this service. - Lunch Pit (supervised lunch) CoreSPORT Activities: - Sport Discovery on land, in the water and in the air - Daily Swimming SPORTainment Activities: - Ninja Chamber - BOUNCEables - FLOATables

Sport n' Adventure
AGE: 6-7 years

Sport n’ Adventure camp is a full week day camp designed for kids who are looking for fun on the edge of xtreme! Each camp has a balance of COREsport and SPORTainment features allowing your child to play, discover, and engage in a wide variety of activities and sports. This day camp also includes an afternoon spent in the pool! A focus on physical literacy skills will help your child be more confident when trying new physical activities or sports.

Xtreme Sport n' Ninja
AGE: 8-9 years

LEARN TO TRAIN: Unleash your inner Ninja in this full week day camp geared towards kids who are looking for action, thrills and challenging obstacles. Campers will explore and grow basic skills for activities and sports using fundamental movement patterns that build agility, balance and coordination in our COREsport sessions. SPORTainment features, such as our Ninja Chamber, will push the limits of action and excitement. An afternoon exploring aquatic activities will be sure to get your child engaged and excited! Sign your Ninja up today!

Ultimate Sport n' Warrior
AGE: 10-12 years

This full week day camp is packed with excitement and sport experiences to get your heart pumping! Unleash your inner athlete and compete to be the Ultimate Warrior in a variety of our COREsport and SPORTainment activities, such as swimming, court sports and a floatable obstacle course. Warriors - it is time to test your limits!

CoreSPORT & SPORTainment is our exclusive two pronged approach to delivering some of the coolest, most innovative and exhilarating camp programming out there. Take a look and see all the ways your kids can get active and catch the love of sport! 

There is no shortage of fun, thrills and sport discovery for ages 6-12. This unique camp experience will rock their worlds, and you’ll end up with an inspired, happy, healthy and super active kid. This is where DREAMS start, let us plant the seed, and then you can watch them grow! 


Every Day Activities
FREE PRE-CARE (7:30am–8:30am) and POST-CARE (4:30pm–5:30pm)
Make new camp friends! Colouring, puzzles, reading and games!
SPORT DISCOVERY – on land, in water and in the air
Experience and develop skills in all sports: Court Sports, Track & Field, Dodgeball, Outdoor Activities, fitness fun like Yoga or Bootcamp, Body Fuel and more!
Bring a healthy, peanut-free bag lunch to fuel your kids. Lunch is eaten in the Foundation Lounge (air-conditioned)


Weekly Activities

Test your limits and discover your inner ninja with our signature obstacle elements!

Try harder obstacles in the Ninja Chamber by hanging longer and climbing higher to earn warrior paint and camp cred.


*closed toe shoes required

Laugh and leap on our fun inflatable playground. (4-7 yrs).

Twist, drop and jump your highest (4-7 yrs.)


*socks required

Climb, crawl and leap your way through a variety of inflatable floating obstacles. Tiny tot set-ups can be used by participants in life jackets (PFD). You will get wet!

The Xtreme floatable series is more challenging with bigger obstacles for those who want to push their limits. Participants must pass a 25 metre swim test, life jackets are not allowed on the Xtreme series.

Inclusive Camp Experience

  • Repsol Sport Centre takes pride in providing inclusive programming for all participants; however, we are not in the positon to absorb additional costs related to these accommodations.
  • If a participant requires additional support please contact the School and Sport Camp Coordinator as soon as possible.  
  • Repsol Sport Centre is proud to partner with Between Friends  – helping children of all abilities to be included in our Summer Sport Camps. 

    Swim Test Information

  • All participants must pass a 25 metre swim test to use the pools without a life jacket (PFD).  PFDs are not allowed on the dive boards/ towers or Xtreme floatables.
  • Swim test consists of: jumping in the water from the raised edge of the pool, swimming a front swim style (freestyle or breaststroke) for 25 metres without touching the side of the pool wall.

    Community Partners

Between Friends Club

Helping to create more inclusive programming for children. www.betweenfriends.ab.ca 

Proud members of Alberta Camping Association. www.albertacamping.com




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