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ThePUSH2020 is a 12 week body transformation challenge with personalized training plans developed just for you, no matter what your fitness level. You’ll get 24 training sessions with an expert trainer to push you harder to reaching your goals. 

January 20 – April 12, 2020

Join the Challenge by yourself, with a friend or up to a group of 4 for a little extra motivation.
Now that you are ready for change, let’s get down to the details of the Challenge.


  • 2 Personal Training sessions per week for 12 weeks (total of 24 sessions):  You will be assigned to work with one of our expert Personal Trainers based on your goals and availability.  
  • Pre & Post Fitness Appraisals:  You will be tested at the beginning to set the benchmark and again at the end to see how far you’ve come! The participant with the most measurable results will win some amazing prizes! Tests include: 
    • Body Composition: Waist Circumference & Weight
    • Endurance: 5 Minute Run for Distance 
    • Power: Vertical Jump Test (best of 3)
    • Core: Plank Hold
    • Upper Body Strength: Push-Ups
    • Overall Body Strength: Hand Dynamometer Test (Right Hand Only)
    • Flexibility: Sit and Reach (best of 2)


  • Start of Program: January 20 - 26
  • End of Program: April 6 - 12


PUSH Mini Challenges  with a chance to win prizes!

30 Second Ski Erg Challenge - January 20th - February 2nd
Ski as far as you can (meters) in 30 seconds. The Ski Ergs are located near the Adrenaline Zone and in the Upper Fitness Area above the Fitness Desk.

Wall Sit - February 3rd - February 16th
Hold the Wall Sit position for as long as possible. Perform this test using the wall located behind the Fitness Desk,
leading up to Gym 4 & 5.

Barbell Front Raise Hold - February 17th - March 1st
Hold a barbell (35 lb bar for men/15 lb bar for women) off the floor in a vertical position with arms parallel to the ground
– log your longest time.

SPARC: Peak Watts - March 2nd - March 15th
Drive your legs hard to record your highest peak wattage on the SPARC machine. Located in the Adrenaline Zone.

Single Leg Bosu Ball Balance - March 16th - March 29th
Balance on a Bosu Ball using your dominant foot for as long as you can. Your opposite foot must remain in the air for the duration of the test.

Plate Pinch - March 30 - April 12th
Using your dominant hand, hold a bumper plate (45 lb for men, 25 lb for women) off the floor with a pinch-grip for as long as possible.



The Male and Female with the most measurable results in all fitness tests will win: 
  • Annual Full Pay Membership – expires after one year
  • 1 Year Executive Locker Room Membership
  • 6 Personal Training Sessions   
  • Ultimate Branded Prize Package: sport bag, water bottle, sweat towel, socks and an athletic t-shirt 
  • Advertising Campaign Opportunity


MEMBER OPTIONS Applicable to active Repsol Sport Centre Annual Members
Single $1260
Group of 2-3* $846 per person
Group of 4* $630 per person
NON-MEMBER PLUS OPTIONS Includes unlimited access to the facility during the 12 week program.
Membership will be activated on January 21, 2020
Single $1570.80
Group of 2-3* $1060.80 per person
Group of 4* $775.20 per person

*Group 2-3 and 4 package options require the participant to have their own partner(s).

Choose your Trainer and times when you register.

Rules & Regulations

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Hours of Operation



There are no Group Fitness or Registered Classes
on statutory holidays.

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